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A fire of any size is a major hazard for your Pinellas County, Florida, home. Don’t underestimate the impact that fire and smoke have on your home. Watch out for these serious hazards and make sure you schedule the appropriate services promptly to keep your home safe.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke and soot can travel far beyond the ignition point of your fire. While smoke will dissipate once the fire is gone, it leaves behind a hazardous residue known as soot. This soot can settle on nearly any surface. It can contain tiny inhalable particles that may get lodged in your lungs when they’re disturbed and inhaled. Cleaning up soot isn’t a DIY job. You should contact a professional for proper fire remediation services to get your home back in livable condition.

Water Damage

If water was used to extinguish the fire in your home, you could soon find that you’re battling the aftermath of a serious drenching as well as the fire. Mold and mildew don’t take long to take hold in Florida. Contact a professional for water damage mitigation immediately to head off these hazardous growths. If you do find mold in your home after the fire, seek proper mold remediation.

Indoor Air Pollution

Though you may expect air pollution to dissipate once the fire is gone, this is a hazard that can linger long after the immediate threat is past. The air can retain hazardous particles from smoke, soot, and fire damage for a long time. If these pollutants make their way into the HVAC system, they’ll simply circulate throughout the home, damaging your health as well as your air conditioner. A duct cleaning can help you remove these hazards from the ductwork, while a prompt tune-up can address issues in the heating and cooling units.

If you’ve suffered from a fire in your home, you should schedule fire damage restoration services as soon as possible. Reach out to ServiceMaster 24 Hour at 727-201-0499.

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