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Remodeling your Tampa, Florida, home is an exciting prospect, but it’s not one that you should take lightly. It’s important to consider every aspect of the job before you begin to make sure you’re fully prepared for the work ahead.

Choosing Your Contractor

Choosing your contractor is the first step in any remodeling project. Make a list of everything you need and compare it to a contractor’s specialties. Are you working with a straightforward project, or do you need a keen artistic eye to make your complex vision a reality? Do you already have a solid idea of what you want, or will you need someone to connect you with a designer or architect to help you find the right direction? Choose a licensed professional with strong connections who’s comfortable with the scope of the job.

Making a Comprehensive Plan

Go over the entire project with your contractor and make sure you’re both clear on the full scope of the construction, including the timeline and budgetary restraints. Make sure you find out whether your project requires restoration services to recover from a flood or fire. Even if the event was a couple years back, you may run into some issues if they weren’t properly addressed before. You can’t simply hang new drywall up without proper mold remediation first, or you’ll end up with severe home hazards in the future.

Enlisting Specialized Services

Make a list of all the service providers you’ll need for the job, and work with your contractor to make sure you have the right professional for every stage. Do you have a plumber to help you handle the water lines in your bathroom remodeling project? Will you need an electrician to handle wiring new outlets in your updated kitchen? Decide who you’ll use at the beginning of the project so you can avoid hiccups later.

With proper planning, your residential construction project can proceed smoothly from start to finish, giving you an exciting new living space to enjoy. For help with your next project, contact ServiceMaster Restore at 813-603-2001.

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