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Whether it’s a leaky appliance or flooded bathroom, it’s essential to fix any form of water damage in your Brandon, Florida, home as soon as possible. Besides creating a mess and potentially damaging your property, water damage can lead to a variety of health hazards, from bad indoor air quality to harmful biological growth. Below are three common health risks of water damage.

Biological Growth

The presence of water in your home can convert dormant spores into active biological material, which can grow and spread quickly. This process may begin within hours of the occurrence of water damage. Active biological growth can release millions of harmful spores into your indoor space, making your family more susceptible to health issues such as coughing, sinus congestion, headaches, and fatigue. Long-term exposure to biological material can lead to severe conditions, such as pneumonia and lung cancer.

Standing Water

Whether it’s rainwater or water from a leaky pipe, standing water can cause detrimental microorganisms to develop and multiply if left unattended. It’s a common breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can circulate in your indoor air. Over time, these microorganisms can reach high concentration levels and lead to a variety of health problems when inhaled, from allergic reactions to respiratory issues.

Contaminated Water

Sewage or floodwater often contains contaminants that can be harmful to your health or even endanger your life. Cholera, dysentery, and typhoid are some examples of potentially deadly diseases that can result from exposure to contaminated water. If flooding occurs in your home, it’s essential to take extreme caution when you come into contact with the floodwater. Wear protective clothing and remove any objects in your home that have yet to be affected. In the event of severe flooding, it’s best to hire a professional to clean up the mess.

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