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In Seminole, FL, the fall season signals the start of cold and chilly weather that increases the risk of health infections such as colds or flu. As such, it is vital that business owners consider ways to keep employees safe and counter possible infection spread. One such preventive measure is hiring for bacterial and viral disinfection, which stands to benefit you in various ways.

Protecting Employees

A workplace sees loads of close contact interactions between employees, providing a hotspot for the transmission of diseases. The presence of disease-causing viruses on your offices’ surfaces is the catalyst for disease transmission. Standard cleaning using ordinary disinfectants or detergents does not entirely disinfect the surfaces.

Our professionals use EPA-certified disinfectants and technology to eliminate pathogens present at your business place. One of the methods is the Sanosil Technology. Sanosil includes a mixture of silver and hydrogen peroxide, effective for eliminating germs and other pathogens.

Use of Safe and Effective Products

Our bacterial and viral disinfection process features the use of EPA registered disinfecting agents. The agents are certified for use in hospitals and thus have strong disinfection powers that eliminate viruses fast.

Unlike bleach or chemical disinfectants that are often unsafe for human beings, our products are safe for use in spaces with lots of human activity. Our techniques and products are also far-reaching, ensuring all areas in your offices are free from germs.

Avoid Work Disruptions and Sick Days

Viral infections can cause transmission of illnesses among your employees, disrupting work. Sick employees may be away, affecting the general work output that may affect the business. To prevent this, stay ahead and hire commercial disinfection services.

While cleaning is important, it does not wholly eliminate some viruses or bacteria. Our professionals are knowledgeable on proper viral disinfection and well-equipped to perform it to ensure a healthy working space for your employees.

Bacteria, viruses, and pathogens are not eliminated with routine cleaning. Contact and hire ServiceMaster 24 Hour experts for all of your bacteria and virus disinfection needs. We’ll do our best to keep your staff safe.

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