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With the beginning of another cold and flu season, businesses in the Seminole, Florida, area are taking steps to keep their employees healthy and safe from viruses. During the winter months, people can spread colds, the flu, and viral infections more easily when they’re in close contact with one another. While you can try to find disinfectants that claim to eradicate viruses, not all products can effectively combat these unwanted organisms. Learn how our ServiceMaster 24 Hour virus disinfection service can help create a healthier and safer indoor environment for your employees and customers.

Have You Heard About Sanosil Technology?

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we use Sanosil technology to eradicate harmful viruses from interior spaces. If the name Sanosil isn’t familiar to you, then you likely haven’t heard about this scientifically tested formula for virus disinfection.

Sanosil attacks viruses that live on surfaces around an office, viruses that can cause colds, the flu, and other illnesses. Sanosil uses a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver to produce an effective solution that eradicates viruses. Ions in hydrogen peroxide and silver bond with one another and release free radicals that destroy the molecular structure of viruses. Sanosil has been tested extensively and has demonstrated its ability to combat germs that thrive on surfaces found in facilities such as health care centers, production warehouses, and other commercial entities where sanitation is essential.

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we’re pleased to offer our customers this ecologically safe, effective disinfecting solution for their buildings and offices.

How Does the Sanosil Disinfecting Process Work?

From start to finish, the Sanosil disinfecting process takes approximately one hour to complete. After the disinfecting treatment, Sanosil breaks down into oxygen and water, a feature that makes it safe for use in food and beverage production facilities, retail spaces, and manufacturing enterprises that create products for children. Additionally, surfaces treated with Sanosil don’t require rinsing afterward.

Benefits of Sanosil Virus Disinfection

Sanosil virus disinfection offers several benefits for commercial businesses.

  • Sanosil doesn’t contain chlorinated or brominated compounds. This feature makes this type of disinfection safe for use in facilities where food is prepared and served.
  • Sanosil is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Not all disinfecting products easily reach surfaces that need to be cleaned. Sanosil can reach inaccessible surfaces that other cleaning and disinfecting products can’t.
  • The risk of cross-contamination with Sanosil is low when compared with other commercial cleaning and disinfecting products.
  • Sanosil kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that live on surfaces in buildings and offices, germs that are responsible for colds, the flu, and other illnesses.
  • Sanosil treatments are affordable for a variety of businesses.

Ways to Keep Your Office Space Clean and Safe

Using professionals such as ServiceMaster 24 Hour for virus disinfection and removal of toxins from ductwork is a top way to keep your office space as safe and as healthy as possible. However, all of your employees can take the following steps to maintain a healthy indoor environment even after a Sanosil treatment occurs:

  • Viruses thrive on surfaces that we use every day. Computer keyboards, buttons on office equipment, countertops in break rooms, and conference room tables are all fair game for viruses. Remind your employees to wash their hands frequently after coming into contact with these surfaces. Install hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the office and encourage employees to use them.
  • Taking a sick day isn’t a sign of weakness. Tell your employees to stay home if they’re not feeling well to discourage the spread of viruses that can cause illnesses such as colds and the flu.
  • Practice basic housekeeping etiquette around the office. Empty trash cans in bathrooms each day. Wash, dry, and put away serving ware and utensils in the break room after use rather than allowing dirty dishes to accumulate in the sink.

When you need a reliable full-service provider in Pinellas County, Florida, to keep your commercial office space clean and disinfected for your customers and employees, turn to our ServiceMaster 24 Hour professionals. Call us today at 727-201-0499 to learn more about our bacteria and virus disinfection service.

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