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Homes that have been a crime scene are referred to appropriately as “stigmatized properties.” These homes see an average price drop of three percent and typically stay on the market 45 percent longer than other comparable homes. Though the stigma of a home or neighborhood where crime has taken place may fade over time, homeowners don’t always have the leisure to wait for this to happen. If you’re struggling to restore the value of your Tampa, Florida, home for a profitable sale, these strategies may help.

Address Any Property Damage

If your home has sustained any visible or structural damage, it’s important to address these problems before you list your home for sale. If you have issues with mold or mildew, professional remediation services are essential. Mold can cause serious health problems ranging from headaches to severe asthma and allergy issues. You can clean surface mold up on your own, but the growth may go deeper than what you can see. It’s important to turn to an experienced professional for assistance with this type of hazardous growth.

A professional can also assist with restoration after water damage or fire damage. A flood or fire will cause severe structural damage to the home. This is far from being a DIY job. ServiceMaster Restore has the tools and knowledge you need to rehab your home and get it back in prime condition.

Handle Biohazard Cleanup Properly

Biohazards, chemical spills, sewage leaks, and other types of severe property damage may cause the value of your property to plummet dramatically. You can’t handle these types of issues on your own. Even if you can clean up cosmetically, you can’t give your home the professional care that it needs on your own. If a prospective buyer does inquire about any crimes or other hazards on the property, it can help to provide them with receipts and other proof that you’ve had a professional handle any biohazards.

ServiceMaster Restore can help clean up after a number of situations, including criminal activity, hoarding, vehicle mishaps, animal waste, or accidents. If you need high-quality decontamination, leave the job up to a professional team that has the tools to do the job properly.

Speak With an Attorney About Disclosure Laws

Disclosure laws vary by location and by crime. Depending on your circumstances, you might not be required to share any unfortunate events in your home’s history with prospective buyers. For some crimes, you’re required to disclose in the listing, while others only require disclosure if the buyer asks the right questions. In other cases, you don’t have to say anything at all.

It’s important to speak with an attorney on these matters to make sure that you’re in compliance with any relevant rules and regulations. This will help you understand the best way to frame your situation for the best chances of making a sale. Keep in mind that this only applies to homes where crime occurred on the property. If the crime didn’t occur in your home, but rather in a home down the street, you’re always clear to keep quiet.

Restore Vandalized Areas for Like-New Looks

If there are any parts of your home that have fallen victim to vandalism, it’s important to address these and give them a fresh new cosmetic look. Never leave your property with any visible evidence of previous crimes or unsavory activity. If there are vandalized areas in your neighborhood, see if you can start a project to address these as well. You may be able to gather volunteers to help clean up public spaces like a community park or neighborhood signage if these have been vandalized.

Vandalism is a clear indicator of crime in the area and a major detractor to property values. Do all you can to restore your property and the surrounding area for fresh cosmetic appeal.

If you need help with biohazard cleanup, mold remediation, or other types of repair and restoration projects, contact ServiceMaster Restore at 813-603-2001. We’ll help you repair your property as needed to get values back up where you want them.

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