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When your loved one has hoarding tendencies, knowing where to start helping can be a challenge. The hoarding mindset is a serious psychological disorder. Before you decide to rectify hoarding conditions in a DIY manner in Tampa, FL, consider these issues that a professional may be better equipped to deal with.

Hoarding Clean-Up Time

When tackling a hoarding situation yourself, one of the elements to keep in mind is the time required to thoroughly complete the project. Some hoarding situations call for a day to see through to fruition; others may take a week or more. It depends on the severity of the hoarding and how long it has been going on.

An alternative to DIY hoarding removal in Tampa, FL, is to hire a team of hoarding specialists. These often incorporate a counselor to talk to the hoarder while experts sift through the collection, setting aside items of value or importance.

Hoarding Dangers

When you address a hoarder’s home yourself, you must consider the dangers. Be prepared for animal droppings and live animals such as rats, mice and other vermin. Droppings can contain all manner of diseases.

You may need to catch up on your shots before working on a hoarder’s home. These include tetanus shots; hepatitis A, B, and C shots; RBI shots and more that deal with deadly, harmful diseases. Be alert for sharp objects such as broken glass, knives and even hypodermic needles.

Gathering Necessary Supplies

You’ll need to start big with an onsite dumpster, which may not be easy to obtain as a private individual. Collect boxes as you would for a move; use these for items that are worth saving. Other supplies to gather include heavy-duty trash bags, cleaning supplies and disinfectants.

You may require a stepladder so you can reach high shelves. A powerful vacuum cleaner and dustpan and broom will help you on the ground level. It may be easier and more cost efficient to hire pros who already have all the necessary equipment.

Establish a Strategy

Work your way through the hoarder’s house room by room. This gives a clear sense of accomplishment as each new room gets cleared and cleaned. Start at the highest levels of stacks and shelves, working your way downward.

Sort items into a trio of categories. These are items for keeping, items for donation, and items for the dumpster. Keep in mind that items the hoarder has not used for at least a year should go, one way or the other.

Repairing and Deep Cleaning

Once you have removed the items from a room, focus on repairing and deep cleaning the room. Again, start at the top. Dust ceilings as well as lights, working your way down the walls to the floors.

Many hoarder homes conceal the need for repairs beneath the mountains of belongings. Hoarders typically put off such repairs because they’re ashamed of their living conditions. Often, the actual state of repairs is impossible to determine before you have cleared out the items.

Assessing the Hoarding Situation

Chances are, dealing with a hoarder house is more time-consuming, more physically dangerous and more labor-intensive than you would at first think. Assessing the situation is vital to determine if you can handle the situation without professional help.

Quite a bit of effort — physical, mental and emotional — goes into a hoarding cleanup. Sometimes, you simply must call for help. Biohazards may be present, and you will also need to help the hoarder part with possessions he or she has long cherished.

When your loved one is a hoarder, you may need to step in to help make life safe, healthy and more comfortable. This can be intensely emotional and difficult to address, but hoarding can be dangerous and you do not want your loved one’s condition to drive their home past the point of no return. By assessing the situation, settling on a game plan, collecting supplies, and preparing for the dangers, you can determine if DIY hoarder removal in Tampa, FL, is right for you.

We have the necessary equipment and experience to make hoarding removal a much more manageable task. Seek professional assistance from ServiceMaster 24 Hour by calling us today.


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