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A generator can provide power for your Tampa, Florida, home after a hurricane, a flood, or another emergency. That way, you can still use essential medical equipment, household appliances, and even your HVAC system. Whole-home generators are permanently installed on a concrete pad in your yard and connected directly to your home’s electrical system. Smaller, less powerful portable generators are also available, and both types use natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel. A whole-home generator can keep you and your family comfortable in emergencies, keep your indoor air quality high, prevent damage, and increase the value of your home.

Staying Comfortable in Emergencies

With a whole-home generator, you can keep all the electronics in your home, including your heater or air conditioner, working during a power outage. This keeps your home from getting too hot or too cold, which can lead to heat stroke, hypothermia, and other health problems. Even if uncomfortable temperatures aren’t extreme enough to cause health risks, they can make your family miserable until the power comes back on.

Depending on the size of the generator you may be able to use a computer, make sure your refrigerator keeps running so your food doesn’t spoil, and keep a few lights on. That way, your family’s daily routine won’t be disrupted and you can stay up-to-date on weather conditions, traffic, school closings in your neighborhood, and other important news. Portable generators are less expensive than whole-home generators, but they only provide enough power for a few items at a time. They also make more noise than whole-home models, and users should place them in open areas to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keeping Your Indoor Air Quality High

If homeowners can’t use their air conditioners because the power is off, they often open doors and windows, exposing family members to additional pollen, dust, and dirt.

High humidity encourages mold growth in your ductwork and the rest of your home. Mold can cause allergy symptoms and many of the same health problems as soot, including asthma attacks. Since your HVAC system dehumidifies the air in your home as well as heating or cooling it, keeping it running in an emergency with a generator can prevent this problem. It’s an especially good idea in Florida’s humid weather.

Preventing Damage

Whole-home generators start automatically when your power shuts off, so you won’t have to worry if there’s a severe storm near your home when you’re on vacation. Your generator can keep your sump pump working to prevent or reduce water damage, and you won’t have to deal with mold damage because your HVAC system will stay on.

A generator will also keep your refrigerator and freezer on so you can avoid dealing with rotting food when the power comes back. It could even save you from having to buy a new freezer or fridge. Getting rid of the smell of spoiled food can be difficult after a long power outage, and many people give up and buy a new appliance.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

A whole-home generator is a useful upgrade that attracts buyers and helps you sell your home faster. It’s a large investment, but many people see it as a big perk. Many insurance companies give discounts for installing a whole-home generator even though it increases the value of your home.

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